The Team

Catalysta is powered and empowered by a team of brilliant women and men who are endlessly impressed by the potential and promise of meaningful work sparked by passion.


Liliya Anisimova

Video Editor, Dream Job

Liliya Anisimova developed a strong interest in journalism in early childhood, having the first experience of “publishing” in a magazine at the age of 5. Her ardor gradually turned into her profession. She honed her skills in the Faculty of Journalism department at Moscow State University, then worked as a news anchor for a local Moscow TV station and later as a presenter for international documentary channel Russian Travel Guide. Today, she is a graduate student of MFA Soc Doc and hopes to further develop her storytelling and filmmaking skills.

Deniz Ayaz


Deniz Ayaz is an illustrator/graphic designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a lover of colors, fluidity in art, organic shapes, detailed whimsical patterns and hand typography. After graduating from Parsons with a BFA in Illustration, she worked with several artists and designers as well as an advertising agency and a publishing company. She also did freelance work including branding for start-ups and designing a cookbook that got published in Turkey last year. She works currently as a freelance illustrator and part-time graphic designer.

Fernando Arce

Sound Editor, Dream Job

Fernando Arce has been involved in sound design over 10 years. His work ranges from award winning animation to top-grossing mobile games as well as documentary work. His versatility has allowed him to wear many hats at once. Inspiring music composition, ear-catching sound effects, and solid audio editing skills keep him busy at work at his home studio in San Francisco where he lives with his wife and 2 young children.

Brin Azzarello

Puppetmaker & Mama of Ralph Munch, MunchCo Calling!

Brin Azzarello recently relocated to Princeton from NYC to focus on getting back to nature and expanding her art practice. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Brin is a fan of all things creative and dabbles in painting, drawing, fine art photography and graphic design. Brin has been part of the Catalysta team for four years. View her drawings and paintings here.

Rachel Bergman

Editor, Pioneer Q&A

Rachel Bergman is a writer both by trade and at heart. She is also an oil painter, yogi, and explorer of the inexplicable. With a background in editorial, design, and frequent far-east travel, she brings to Catalysta a unique perspective on the human experience, the creative process, and the marriage of profession and passion.

Elizabeth Brooks

Associate Producer, Role Models

Elizabeth Brooks combines her visual storytelling experience with her organizational skills and study of cognitive science to bring inspiring productions to audiences. This May she graduated cum laude from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s of Arts after majoring in both psychology and film studies. She has experience producing web and broadcast content after interning with NBC News and Time Inc.

Alicia Cristina Gallardo Barrera


Alicia Cristina Gallardo Barrera has both a Bachelor of Law degree and a Masters Certificate in International Relations from San Martin de Porres University in Lima, Peru. She put her education to work as a human rights advocate for non-governmental organizations around the world. She is proud to have been a consultant and researcher for NGOs dedicated to the promotion of good governance. In recent years she has worked as a community-based researcher and a digital marketer.

Bernard Beckford


Bernard Beckford lives in the Bronx, New York and works as a freelance artist. He just loves art. Hi sees his occupation as the best way to communicate with people, even more than writing. Not that writing is a bad thing. He looks forward to the journey of becoming a successful artist.

Mandi Harris Bowerman


Mandi Harris Bowerman returned to Japan after teaching for two years and has decided to give freelance writing a try. She has always loved to write and wants the chance to succeed. When not writing, she can be seen curled up with a good book with pets at her feet.

Jake Bradley


Jake Bradley is a photographer from the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with over 17 years as a photographer and television camera operator for NHL broadcasts. Jake Bradley Photography specializes in landscapes and nature photos of the Canadian Prairies and Rockies, as well as portraits and weddings. Jake is a father to three kids and coaches his son’s hockey and basketball teams during the winter season.

Matthew Bower

Editor, A New Day

Matthew Bower is a writer, researcher, and PhD candidate in Philosophy. His dissertation examines the concepts of image, nature, and history in the work of Walter Benjamin. Matthew unravels the skein of time in Brooklyn, New York.

Alan Bessen

Storyboard Artist

Alan Bessen is a graphic artist,illustrator and cartoonist. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, who has published work in national,regional and local publications and created the comic strip Fuzzboy. He has also taught visual art at Hofstra University Summer Camp , The Dalton School and various after school programs in New York City for over 15 years.

Arlee Chadwick

Puppeteer, MunchCo Calling!

Arlee Chadwick has performed for kids all over the world. She has pulled strings as a resident company member and costume builder at Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park and on the road with the Puppets in the Park. She has built and performed hand puppet shows for the nonprofit Puppetry Arts in Brooklyn. She was honored to be a puppeteer last year on Bristol Riverside Theatre’s first National tour of The Little Prince as the “Rose”.

Heather Caspi


Heather Caspi has been writing for 14 years on health, safety, and science in her own effort to serve the common good through journalism. She is excited to continue her journey with Catalysta and the many viewers striving toward this common goal. She believes we can all seek, share, and be an inspiration.

Christina Chung


Christina Chung is an illustrator living and working in Brooklyn, New York, soon to graduate from the Pratt Institute. She has bounced from country to country her whole life, and tends to thread her experiences into her work. Aside from her passion for the arts, Christina enjoys reading, warm cups of Earl Grey and making to-do lists.

Rebecca Covarrubias

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Rebecca Covarrubias goes by Becky. I have a BS in media art and animation. For the past 7 years I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from online games for kids to cinematic for court. She has had the privilege to design, build, and animate environments and characters. I have a saying that I go by, “It doesn’t hurt to try”. I know going in to the field of art was not going to be easy, but if I push my self to try new things I will never know what’s out there.

Kathleen Coles

Video Editor, Dream Job

Kathleen Coles is an Emmy Award winning Editor. She began her career in Television Production in 1985 at Cablevision News Long Island, which later became News 12 Long Island. Kathleen moved on to 20th Century Fox’s “A Current Affair”. In 1996, she made the switch to Broadcast News working in Secaucus, New Jersey at UPN 9 and worked with the Investigative Unit from 2007 to 2009. Since she has edited and produced New York Giants football on Fox and currently works on special projects for Fox Television news at CBS 2 New York.

Veronica Chen


Veronica Chen is an artist and illustrator based in New York. Her works have been featured in publications such as American Illustration and 3×3 Magazine and include a wide range of applications, spanning from graphic design, product design, editorial illustration, to animation character design and concept art. When she is not making art, she likes to eat brunch and daydream about her next travel destination.

Aly Charles

Host, There to Here

Alyson Charles is Daytime Talk Show Host of Veria Living Live, a Wellness Expert and Explorer. Her Experiences as a National Champion Runner, History-Making Athlete for the University of Alabama, Division I College Coach, Personal Trainer and Life-Long Devotee to Various Spiritual Practices and Eastern, Holistic & Alternative Medicine Inspires Her to Share All She’s Learned With the World! Connect with Aly and your soul’s true purpose at

Casey Chibirka


Casey Chibirka has been a photographer and entrepreneur for the last five years. A graduate of Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in suburban Philadelphia, Casey relocated to Hollister, California for sunsets and sceneries. She is obsessed with storytelling using different lighting techniques and photography. Casey strives to make honest, raw and extremely engaging photographs. You can view her work on If you like Casey’s vision, she would love to hear from you. Wherever you are and wherever you would like your photograph taken – she’s all ears!

Ashley Ching


Ashley Ching dances as a professional flash mobber and theme park performer. When she is not managing or being managed by a company, Ashley enjoys traveling to exotic countries. After seizing the chance to perform with international singer Kelly Clarkson, Ashley dreams BIG.

Jacob Carpenter


Jacob Carpenter teaches philosophy at his old university. He studies contemporary French thought, feminist and gender theory, Eastern philosophy, aesthetics, and literature. Jacob enjoys drinking mugs of various hot liquids while either reading or binge-watching weird TV shows.

David Dickerson

Video Editor

David Dickerson’s love for editing started in his senior year of high school, when he was introduced to the awesome program known as Adobe Premiere. Editing clips and footage had a huge appeal. The nature of being in control of what someone has shot is exciting. David finds a challenge in editing tons of footage and looking for new ways to complete it.

Patrick Fennessy


Patrick Fennessy is a graphic designer from New York. Taking design principles into everyday life, he approaches each project with passion and diligence. Authenticity is key, and he will not rest until every project comes to genuine, creative solution. When Patrick isn’t working on a project, he enjoys light reading, writing music, and chocolate donuts.

Stephanie Guttenplan


Stephanie Guttenplan was born a Virgo in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia in 1987. She became a southern belle runaway to Baltimore, Maryland to attend Towson University and compete in the pool as well as study design. She hopped over the pond to Florence, Italy to study photography and art history. Upon returning to the States she became a web manager, designer, and fashion photographer. She earned a Masters in Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she continues her journey as an Artist.

Matt Goldstein


Matt Goldstein is a writer, editor and French into English translator working with artists and entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations. His website is

Edward Goldberg

Founder & CEO

Edward Goldberg has been trying to figure out a job with passion and purpose since film school in the early 80’s at NYU. His path has included New Kensington, PA, Bennington, VT, Brooklyn, NY, Genova, Italy and institutions like the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, Silver School of Social Work at NYU, Ogilvy Interactive and WebMD. He has been a bike messenger, a cater waiter, a project and account manager. Originally, Catalysta invited high school students from around the world to consider social issues. The vision has expanded and focused to today’s Catalysta.

Chelsey Gorczyca

Social Media Marketing

Chelsey is a graduate of SUNY Oswego with a BA in both communication and sociology. She’s an AmeriCorps alum, and currently has a day job in the social services field with a nonprofit organization in the city. She also has a background in social media, event planning, and television. She is a lover of coffee, animals, and nature, and in her spare time enjoys reading, exploring the city, and indulging in a little more television watching than she is proud to admit.

Mildred Heredia

Associate Producer, Role Models

Mildred Heredia earned her B.A. in Communications with a focus on production and photography. She also studied at the Cinematography Program Abroad in Spain. This was a hugely revealing experience in which she discovered her passion for travel. Her hope is combine travel and filmmaking as much as possible. Mildred currently lives in New York City.

Matt Hanson


Matt Hanson is an independent scholar, freelance writer, and journalist living in Brooklyn, New York. Currently with Elevar Media, he contracts with various media organizations internationally, including, most recently, Business World Australia and The Brooklyn Paper. As a regular correspondent with independent, and cooperative news publications, such as Nation of Change, he has focused seven years of global advocacy work on minority immigrants. A former resident of Egypt, Mexico, Peru, and Canada, he has worked as a professional writer for nearly a decade.

Mary Ann Hedderson

Actor, MunchCo Calling!

Mary Ann Hedderson is a New York native who discovered the performing arts while attending the New York City Museum School. She attended New School University concentrating in Theater and Education. While at New School she penned her solo show “Go Ahead…Laugh”. Mary Ann is currently writing “618”; a play based on her own experiences with Hurricane Sandy. Mary Ann is thrilled to be the voice of Garbo.

Alexandra Hellquist

Actor, MunchCo Calling!

Alexandra Hellquist is a multi-ethnic mutt of an actor who loves pushing boundaries. Feature films include “Sole Proprietor” (Insurgent), “SEED SPRANG!..” (Manzione), “Midnight Delight” (Gupta), and “Shinobi Girl” (Fever Dreams). Theatre includes TWO ROOMS (Seeing Place), THE WHY OVERHEAD (Zootopia), & ODD.A.SEE (ECC). More at!

Briana Whyte Harris

Co-Writer, MunchCo Calling!

Briana Whyte Harris is a Brooklyn-based comedian who likes to write and produce funny videos. She considers writing for “MunchCo Calling!” one of her greatest achievements. She is the creator of the Web series, “Princess the Cat” as well as the music video “Sexy Chupacabra.” Brianna is a member of the video sketch group, Albatross.

Alae Hatoum

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Alae Hatoum is from Lebanon. Since graduating with a degree in advertising background five years ago, Alae has worked exclusively in motion graphics for broadcast and post-production. He has recently begun to delve into conceptualization and style frames.

Valérie Hallier

Site Designer, Catalysta

Valérie Hallier is an award winning multimedia creative always committed to finding the right creative solution for every project. Miss Hallier thrives to produce smart, effective and beautiful work.

Asha Iwanowicz

Sound Designer, Whatabout...

Asha Iwanowicz is a singer/songwriter, composer and sound designer from Boston. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Music Technology, and is now based in Brooklyn.

Shoom Isaacs

Host & Co-Producer, Whatabout...

Shoom Isaacs is an eclectic creative. In 2008, she graduated from Monmouth University. Since, she’s been working as a journalist/producer for a syndicated radio network. Shoom is also the host and producer of In the Mix w/ Shoom. She recently released her first music project, A Walk With Shoom. Shoom plans on educating her peers and the world with her love and ability to convey messages and imagery through sound.

Hsuanya Johnsson


Hsuanya Johnsson was born and raised in Singapore. She made her first trip to London in 2006 in search of new challenges. Always curious about different cultures, she next moved to Hong Kong where she worked with the fashion giant H&M. A graduate of the Raffles Design Institute (Singapore) in Fashion Marketing & Management, she has worked in creative agencies and retail companies around the globe. Hsuanya hopes to satisfy her career ambition in the creative super-city, New York.

Stephen Jones

Sound Editor, Dream Job

Stephen Jones is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication with a bachelor’s degree in Film & Television in 2012. Stephen is experienced in audio & video recording, sound design & mixing and editing on a number of student produced films and independent projects. On the production side of the equation, he has operated sound recorders, mixers, microphones, and digital cameras. When not working with sound and media, he teaches chess to elementary school students and promotes chess in his hometown.

Anish Kumar

Designer, Catalysta

Anish Kumar was born in Kerala, India. He is an experienced web and interface designer with a passion for design, travel, and learning. His style of design changes and adapts with the surroundings offered by new cultures and languages. This is the essence of his approach to career.

Tammy Kim


Tammy Y. Kim is a professional freelance artist and RISD alumna. Her illustrations and designs have been featured in a variety of art industries, such as editorial, packaging, and production. She will soon attend SVA for graduate school, after which she plans to pursue a joint career in art education. To see more work, visit her website:

Olivia Kinter

Actor, MunchCo Calling!

Olivia Kinter is thrilled to be part of Catalysta! You can hear her as the voice of Binnie Bunny on “MunchCo Calling!” Stage credits include “Dog Sees God,” “Crimes of the Heart”; has also directed original plays “Bazookas” and “April Fools Day.” Writer/producer of own one-woman show, “Lovely Legacies.” Film: “Online Daters Part II,” “Thank You for Holding,” “Mack Hanglider.”  Recent work includes “The Good Wife” (CBS). Member, SAG-AFTRA. Rutgers University, 2011.

Cory Levin

Assistant Producer, MunchCo Calling!

Cory Levin graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Cinema and Comparative Literature. He calls Indianapolis home, but New York has definitely treated him well since moving here a year ago. Cory had a dream of playing in the NBA, but quickly realized he was more likely to own a team than actually play for one. He loves his Indianapolis Colts and Pacers and always enjoy a nice argument with Knicks fans over the entire 90s rivalry. Cory looks forward to working with Catalysta and bringing new products to audiences everywhere.

L. Michelle

Actor, MunchCo Calling!

L. Michelle is a NYC based funny person. She’s won awards for participation in several standup comedy competitions – some even gave her money. She is a writer for a comedic television series going to pilot that she thinks she’s not allowed to talk about because she’ll get fired and they’ll stop giving her money. She is currently a student at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre – where she hands over lots of her money.

Mark Lovato

Title Sequence, State of the Art

Mark Lovato is a New York based video director with a background in fine arts painting. He graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Bachelor’s degree in New Media.

Emily Lever


Emily Lever is a college senior with a passion for creative nonfiction and criminal justice reform. Her hobbies include distinguishing correlation from causation.

Sarah Leitner

Video Editor, Dream Job

Sarah Leitner is a native of Arlington, Virginia who graduated from McGill University in Montreal in 2013. While in school, Sarah pursued her life-long interest in film production with the student-run television station, TVM. As Chief Editor, she oversaw the editing of all content and produced a fair amount of it herself, ranging from short horror films and comedic spoofs to a series showcasing student bands. Sarah is currently a production assistant at Georgetown Post in Washington, D.C., and continues to hone her skills as an editor, cinematographer, and sound designer.

Karen Loew

Founding Editorial Director & Video Host, State of the Art & Role Models

Karen Loew is a New York City journalist who’s covered everything from small-town life at a family newspaper in rural Virginia to urban affairs at a public policy website. Catalysta dovetails with her longstanding interest in encouraging a triple bottom line — people, planet, profit — in every kind of business.

Michelle Laliberte


Michelle Laliberte is an environmental scientist and freelance writer based in Medina, Ohio. Her articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines on a wide variety of topics. She is the author of six nonfiction children’s books.

Amber Locke


Amber Locke recently graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Communications.  She has a passion for writing and hopes to publish a novel in the future.  Amber loves to travel and meet new people.  Since graduating college, she has made it a personal mission to see the world and learn through experience.

Clifton Li


Based in Toronto, award winning photographer Clifton Li creates innovative and cutting edge imagery to satisfy the imagination of commercial and editorial clients. As a photographer, Clifton opts for visual simplicity and controlled expressiveness to achieve maximum visual impact. Clifton produces his own brand of aesthetic excellence using his understanding of the foundations of the image, composition, surrounding environment, and the most effective lighting for the setup. He pushes the image even further by provoking emotion through mood and storytelling.

Ágnes Ábrahám Molnárné

Puppetmaker, MunchCo Calling!

Ágnes Ábrahám Molnárné is a professional puppet maker who lives in the heart of Europe, in Budapest. She has been making puppets since 1992. She has been commissioned by several nurseries, schools, children hospitals, as well as by individuals. She visits craft fairs in almost every major city in Europe. Puppetmaking is her passion and she love the challenges it carries. Ágnes’ products are available at Etsy.

Natalia Mantini


Natalia Mantini was born and raised in Italy through her mid twenties, when she decided to come to New York to pursue her dream to become a film director. Little did she know that her true first love was Photography. A graduate of Brooklyn College and FIT, she is now a freelance photographer and producer for fashion and ecommerce clients in NYC.

Vera Miljkovic


Vera Miljkovic is a freelance photographer living in New York. She graduated from Parson School of Design.

Amanda Muench


Amanda Muench was born and raised in New Jersey, studied at William Paterson University until 2010 when graduated with an English degree. When not writing, she spends her time working, concocting recipes, shopping, reading about fashion, and laughing with friends and family.

Sibylle Meder

Co-Director, Dream Job

Sibylle Meder is co-director and supervising editor of Catalysta’s DREAM JOB. 2014 will also see the premiere of her documentary THE ISLAND BUS, an off-beat community portrait set on a small Greek island. Besides her work as a filmmaker, Sibylle writes The Happy Filmmaker Blog: a collection of tools and resources for like-minded professionals striving to be… happy filmmakers. (

Thomas Mangano

Composer, Dream Job, Role Models, State of the Art, MunchCo Calling!

Thomas Mangano is a composer and a performer living on Long Island, NY.  He is the owner of a musical production service company that provides music, soundscapes and effects to  professionals in  film and media industries.  He is the founding member of the  Boutcher/Mangano Jazz Trio and currently serves as the Music Director for the Custer Observatory. Learn more about Thomas and his music at Thomas Mangano Music.

Michela Martello


Michela Martello was born in Grosseto, Italy. She has published works in over 30 books, primarily children’s book illustrations. In 1998 she moved permanently to New York. Her artwork has being collected and commissioned by both public and private clients; Serafina group, City cinema group, Fulton collection, Bernacca collection etc. She has collaborated with: Bonelli arte contemporanea in Italy, Tria gallery, in Chelsea NY, Rarity gallery in Mikonos since 2012.

Mary Ross Mahon

Mary Rose Mahon is a freelance writer with a background in education writing, advertising and public relations. Mary has a Bachelor of Science degree in communication arts and lives on the west coast where she delights in watching the spectacular sunsets that color the sky’s canvas.

Ashley Milne-Tyte


Ashley Milne-Tyte is a writer and public radio reporter who specializes in stories about communication, women and older people. Before she became a journalist her career led her from the world of publishing to the Museum of Modern Art to writing copy for websites from to Meow Mix. Born and raised in London, she has lived in New York City for 15 years.

Charles McKinney


Charles McKinney currently studies, lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. His life as a sojourner in the Far East since 2010 has given him a fresh zeal for creative writing and he plans to compile his adventures into a memoir. More of Charles’ work can be viewed on his LinkedIn profile.

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Writer, Renaissance Woman

Author and filmmaker Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement – work which earned her the 2012 Goi Peace Prize. Through writing and public lectures on three continents, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological wellbeing for more than thirty years. She is a widely respected analyst of the impact of the global economy on communities, local economies, and personal identity, and is a leading proponent of ‘localization’, or decentralization, as a means of countering those impacts.

Hope Needles

Video Editor, Dream Job

Hope Needles is a New York-based Editor and Visual Effects Artist. She currently works in the advertising industry and previously honed her craft in fashion editorial and commercial post-production. Hope continues to pursue her passion for narrative and documentary filmmaking as an editor, compositor and retoucher. She holds a B.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University, and a Master’s Degree in New Media Journalism from Northwestern University.

Breanna Niebel

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Breanna Niebel is an animator and model maker from Massachusetts. She received her undergraduate degree in visual arts at Bennington College and furthered her education in Great Britain with an MA in animation at University of South Wales. Breanna is experienced in 2-D and 3-D computer animation, rigging and modeling. When she isn’t mutilating Barbie dolls to assemble puppets, creating vast CG landscapes or drawing talking llamas, she’s at work as a graphic designer for a translations and globalization company.

James Neal


James Neal is an American animator and graphic artist known mainly for his short films made in the European Union and Eastern Europe, as well as his feature film work in the United States and Poland. He studied traditional animation in Los Angeles at the American Animation Institute (local 839) and holds a Master’s Degree in Animation and Film Making from The Academy Of Fine Arts in Warsaw Poland (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie).

Nicole Ortiz

Associate Producer, Role Models

Nicole “Nicky Nice” Ortiz has always been fascinated with the world of entertainment. She graduated from Manhattanville College in Purchase NY and decided to follow her dreams. She has worked on a couple of very popular cable shows, and has even co-hosted a show on an internet radio station. When she puts her mind to something, their is no stopping her!

Georgette Pierre

Host, Role Models

Radio/TV host and writer, Georgette Pierre is a force to be reckoned with. Since moving to New York, she has worked at WNYC Radio, written for MTV News’ music blog, RapFix, and is now a contributing writer for She’s also a correspondent for web-based news service, AlleyWire. When she’s not writing or musing about the latest pop culture news, she can be found excerpting her life via Tumblr and Instagram.

Tara Pettit


Tara Pettit is a freelance journalist for various publications and websites, including Youth-Leader magazine, The InterActivist magazine, BookPage and She is a graduate of the Scripps School of Journalism with a B.S. in magazine journalism and specializations in sociology and environmental studies. She spends her time writing, reading, making jewelry and practicing Ayurveda holistic medicine.

Amy Paxton


Amy Paxton is a full time lawyer and part-time creative person who lives and works 40 miles outside of London, England. In any spare time, she loves music and films and is often found running around the local park.

Max Roll

Actor, MunchCo Calling!

Max Roll has appeared regionally in Philadelphia Story, As You Like It (CTC), The Signal Season of Dummy Hoy (NY Deaf Theatre), and Romeo and Juliet. His Yale School of Drama productions include King Lear, Angels in America, The Seagull, Sunday in the Park with George. He is the recipient of the Eldon Elder fellowship and Jerome L. Greene Endowment Fund. Max appears in Redrum: A Musical Parody of The Shining. His MFA is from the Yale School of Drama.

Philippe Roche

Composer, State of the Art

Philippe Roche is a composer, producer and arranger. He has worked for more than 15 years in Paris, writing for artists but also for major TV networks as well as radio commercials. This complete knowledge has allowed him to cater to many and diverse demands in today’s music industry.

Sabrina Rathnakumar

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Sabrina Rathnakumar graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco with a M.F.A. in computer animation. Since then she has worked as an animator for a number of companies on children’s products and advertisements. She is excited to be a part of such a great web series. Animation is her passion and she is thrilled to be a member of such a great team!

Sam Rosenthal

Sound Designer, Role Models, State of the Art, Agents of Change

Sam Rosenthal is a musician, sound engineer, and sometimes writer, living in Brooklyn, NY. He has produced music and sound for features, shorts and web videos. Most recently, he composed additional music for the Tribeca Film Festival selection “Match,” starring Patrick Stewart.

Regina Rivers


Regina Rivers is a published writer and poet from the Capital District of New York. An undercover artist who works full-time, she resides in the Hudson Valley. In her spare time, she likes to study the Bible and Mandarin Chinese.

Jake Rugino

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Jake Rugino is a creative professional specializing in video production, animation, and video art—as  well as graphic design, printmaking, photography, web design, programming, and fine arts. A New Media graduate of Purchase College, he holds an Advanced Studies diploma in Character Animation from Animation Mentor. Among his film credits are Ice Age 3.

Karly Rosen

Storyboard Artist

Karly Rosen is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer based out of Long Island, New York. With a BFA in Graphic Design, her work has been on display at the Islip Art Museum. When she’s not drawing, Kar helps designs costumes and performs with a stage combat and costuming group for charity.

Chris Serra


Chris Serra’s illustrations appear regularly in major publications throughout the U.S. and internationally, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. He lives with his wife and two small children in the hills of Western Massachusetts, where he also makes large abstract paintings and sculptures in a renovated barn. See more of Chris’ work at

Steve Sullivan


Based in New York City, Steve Sullivan possesses broad experience in the digital realm, where he works as a digital strategist and writer, crafting copy, satirical pieces, and B2B material geared toward small-business owners. In his spare time, Steve is a sucker for omakase, crosswords, and travel.

David Swope

Sound Editor, Dream Job

David Swope is based out of Northern New Jersey and New York City and attended Berklee College of Music. After Berklee, David worked for Sony Music Studios in New York. Through hard work, David worked his way up to recording and mixing for some of the biggest artists in music. He also had a chance to work with and learn from some of the most respected producers and engineers in the business. David later continued his career in audio working for CBS in their Audio Post department. Today, he continues to work in both in music and television.

Arun Sukumar

Programmer, Catalysta

Arun Sukumar is a computer programmer from India. Coding is his passion and his hobby. Arun loves to develop new ideas and face the inherent challenges and failures. He considers programming to be an amazing prototype for striving toward success in this wonderful exercise we call life. His company is Greenfrog IT Solutions.

Marcela Szwarc


Marcela Szwarc is a fledgling graphic designer, book artist, print-maker and human. She is a recent graduate from the Purchase School of Art + Design in New York, and is constantly trying to improve her craft and love of art. She loves color, pornography, piercings, quesadillas, animals, traveling the world, and language. She also has a habit of talking more than necessary.

David Shane Smith


David Shane Smith is an artist and musician in Brooklyn, New York. You can find his work at

Ankur Sheth

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Ankur Sheth is a freelance digital artist currently living in Indore(INDIA), Being an 2D/3D generalist for last three years, he has worked on National & International projects for Image editing, Architectural, Interior, Automobile and Product Visualization. With having fair amount of experience he is always very interested in exploring more.

Joshua Stewart

Video Editor, Dream Job

Joshua Stewart began his career as a video editor 9 years ago based in New York City. After an internship at ‘Media Training Worldwide’ in 2009, he was taken on as their chief video editor and producer of their 24-hour live feed. Joshua now edits full-time for ‘Steam Engine Films’, cutting television commercials and documentaries for clients such as ‘Whole Foods’, ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’, ‘Broadway International’, and currently has his own post-production business at ‘Bona Weiss Media’.

Annelise Sanders

Editor, Dream Job & MunchCo Calling!

Annelise Sanders is an editor and screenwriter molded and whipped into shape by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is very passionate about storytelling in all formats and using anything from the most fantastical to the most grittily realistic in order to create something that truly moves people.

Elisabeth Stiglic


Elisabeth Stiglic was born and raised in Northern Norway, Norwegian-Croatian art photographer Elisabeth spent 12 years in Copenhagen, where she completed a certificate program at Fatamorgana, the leading school of fine art photography in Denmark. She graduated from ICP (International Center of Photography) in New York in the spring of 2012.

Kazunobu Sano

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Kazunobu Sano is a freelance Visual Effects Artist. Based in Japan, he has worked internationally for 15 years. He has done compositing for Lucasfilm Singapore and done 3D modeling for ClickBoom in the US. He graduated in 1999 with a major in Digital Filmmaking. He currently works with Samurai Action Films in Los Angeles as a VFX director for feature film projects.

Mark Smith

Colourist, Role Models, State of the Art, Agents of Change

Mark Smith works predominantly as a colourist and as a camera assistant, lending his skills to a wide variety of films and projects. This year Mark has been busy working with The Look Post Production House, with numerous production companies on various different film projects – both on set and in post, and steadily building up his own portfolio of quality work. For further information, check out his grading showreel here:

Steven Taikina

CG Artist, MunchCo Calling!

Animation has always been Steven Taikina’s passion and he intends to inspire people with it. Whether that inspiration is to reach high for one’s goals or just to be a better person. Steven is a New York based animator who is currently a student at Monmouth University. He specializes in character animation as well as 3-D modeling and illustration.

Tiahnan Trent


Tiahnan Trent is a young illustrator from Seattle, WA. She currently lives in NYC where she makes comics with her boyfriend and is amazed by tall buildings.

Irena Taylor


Irena Taylor is a graduate of the University of California, Riverside. She received her BA in English in the Summer of 2013. In September 2013, she began working as a writing and editing intern with Canyon News until the following September.

Sayaka Ueda


Sayaka Ueda was born and grew up in Kyoto, Japan. She moved to America in 2005 to study digital media art at Temple University. She works as a graphic designer in NYC, though her real passion is photography. It is through visual language that Sayaka communicates most effectively. See more of Sayaka’s work on her website.

Ana Vorkapić

Puppetmaker, MunchCo Calling!

Ana Vorkapić was born in Croatia in 1977. She finished college for textile design in 2000, but decide on a career as a graphic designer. For a number of years, she taught graphic design. Ana then worked in marketing and publishing. After losing her job in 2012, she started her own company, Mamino gnijezdo (Mother`s nest), for making fabric toys.

Lauren Verby


Lauren Verby creates a hybrid of fine art and documentary aesthetics. Her inspiration is urban landscapes and situations, beautiful and ugly, mundane and socially conscious. Her visual expression is informed by finding the “slightly off” and authentic to be absolutely fascinating. Lauren’s portraiture is a love letter to the Bay Area of California where she grew up and has lived most of her life. She obtained a BFA in Documentary and Fine Art photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Find her work at

Harvey Weisfeld

Producer, There to Here

Harvey Weisfeld supports career professionals and business leaders in transitioning to flourishing, meaningful and profitable ways of being. He helps them to discover new possibilities and break free from flawed assumptions and beliefs that control their lives and confine their organizations. Harvey strives to integrate his 25 years as a practical entrepreneur, his training in holistic experiential psychotherapy and applied Zen to help leaders find new opportunities and deeper purpose. Harvey brings 25 years of innovative business practices to support Catalysta’s outreach to millennials and their career development.

Bob Wolanin

Puppetmaker, MunchCo Calling!

Bob Wolanin attended Calumet College and Columbia College where he studied Cinematography, Animation and Optical Physics. He went on to work on several major motion pictures and commercials over the years. Robert created Mystique Productions, a highly successful Trade Show design and sfx company. He has been a theatrical director, set and lighting designer, special effects designer, property master for over 30 years. He now spends most of his days as a professional 2D & 3D artist and sculptor as well as a popular puppet and art doll designer and builder.

Bing Wang

Video Editor, Dream Job

Bing Wang graduated from NYU with an M.A. in Cinema Studies and a Culture & Media Certificate. His doc “Singing Jade,” shown at festivals in NY and Paris, ponders immigration and aging issues. The sports doc he associate produced, “9-Man,” premiered at ’14 IFFBoston and LAAPFF. Bing is working on a new project about hearing children of deaf adults.

George Zaidan

Host, Role Models

George Zaidan finds the heart of a story and figures out the most compelling way to tell it. He created MIT’s first ever reality TV series; he explained how weather affects food for The Weather Channel and why ice floats on water for TED-Ed; and he told the stories of real-life zombies for National Geographic and super IR vision for The Pentagon Channel.


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